How to Use the Chi Nano Hair Straightener

Having beautiful hair is a must for any fashionista, but achieving beautiful straight hair can be a little tricky. The Chi Nano Straightener can ultimately help you achieve straight beautiful hair, while leaving it soft and silky. For simple tips and directions follow this how to guide and you will be on your way to sexy, beautiful straight hair in a matter of minutes!

Items needed:

• Nano Straightener
• spray or heat protecting spray

Steps to Straight

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. If using heat protecting spray apply while hair is damp, and blow dry. Before applying Straightener you must ensure your hair is completely dry or you will cause damage to your hair.

2. Once is dry spray it evenly with hairspray of your choice. This is to help your hair stay protected, and hold the straightness better.

3. With your Nano straightener turned on and heated, take small one inch sections of hair and slowly, without stopping or stalling, run down the shaft of hair. If straightness is not achieved with first attempt, run straightner through the same one inch piece of hair a second time, in one straight, slow motion.

4. Repeat sectioning off hair in one inch pieces, and running through straightner until it all has been straightened. Once finished spray once more with a little spray Viola! You now have beautiful straight hair!

Quick Tip:

After straightening, apply shine serum, or shine spray to add a silkier effect to your hair. Shine serum can be found anywhere in your hair care department of your favorite store. If you accidentally add too much serum you can blow dry for a few seconds, and it will take away that greasy look!