Hair Straighteners – Storage and Tips

Hair straighteners are popular than ever and used by millions of consumers around the world. There are hundreds of hair straightener brands, sizes and models, which all offer the same feature of straightening hair. How do you prolong the life of your straighteners? And keep them in tip top condition? As a salon owner our straighteners come under daily rigorous salon use below is a few tips to prolong your hair straightener’s life:-

  • Store your straighteners well try not to bump or drop them, as this can affect the internal parts.
  • Remember to switch of after use, don’t just wait for the hibernation mode
  • Never allow the plates to contact anything heat sensitive surface or material. If this does happen here’s a tip to remove it. Remove it cold with nail polish remover or spirit (even perfume will work) use a plastic comb end and scrape from the plates to avoid scratches.
  • Keep your mains power cord away from the plates at all times
  • Before storing allow the hair irons to cool down on a heat mat or use any holder or eat guard that came with the straightener
  • Loosely coil the mains cord around your straightener, never tightly cord it around this will over time damage the internal cord leading you to a new pair.
  • Cleaning, use a damp cloth with warm water and mild detergent the detergent will remove any product with a little rubbing.
  • Change the fuse if the straighteners stop working this is usually the first thing if the hair straightener refuses to switch on.

Mostly its common sense do not use near water or touch the plates when hot. Remember a hair straightener often heats up to over 100 degrees. So it’s important to use and store wisely to avoid any accidents.