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Difference Between Chemical Hair Straightener and Sedu Hair Straightener

The most well-liked hair straightening techniques are irons and chemical straightening. Sedu straighteners are most well-liked and capable iron; thus we would use the Sedu since the straightener’s representative. Following are the differences among Sedu straightener and chemical straighteners. Chemical straighteners: A chemical straightener reorganizes the structure of hair from curly to the straight. The chemicals generally used are sodium ... Read More »

How Do You Know About Chi Hair Straightener?

With the newest hairstyle, the trend has shifted to straight hair, and many people are looking for good hair straighteners. Today, the CHI hair straightener has become one of the most famous straighteners on the market, and It is so convenient and easy to use, allowing you to get a charming straight hairstyle at home. The newest technology applied in ... Read More »

How to Use the Chi Nano Hair Straightener

Having beautiful hair is a must for any fashionista, but achieving beautiful straight hair can be a little tricky. The Chi Nano Straightener can ultimately help you achieve straight beautiful hair, while leaving it soft and silky. For simple tips and directions follow this how to guide and you will be on your way to sexy, beautiful straight hair in ... Read More »

Hair Straighteners – Storage and Tips

Hair straighteners are popular than ever and used by millions of consumers around the world. There are hundreds of hair straightener brands, sizes and models, which all offer the same feature of straightening hair. How do you prolong the life of your straighteners? And keep them in tip top condition? As a salon owner our straighteners come under daily rigorous ... Read More »